Valley View Golf Course- Floyd Knobs, Indiana

  • Removed and replaced 200 squares

Idlewild- Lifestyle Community- Louisville, KY

  • Roof repair
  • Installed Ballastrade system
  • Removed and replaced 150sq
  • Gutter Installation
  • Siding installation

Morningside Elementary Gymnasium Roof and Gutter Replacement- Elizabethtown, KY

  • 150 Squares

Housing Authority of Berea Roof, Gutter, Soffit, and Fascia Replacement

  • 200 Squares

Housing Authority of Russellville Roof and Gutter Replacement

  • 375 squares

Housing Authority of Danville Trusses, HVAC, Electrical, Siding, Soffit, Roofing, and Gutter Replacement

  • We had to complete this job including Truss Removal and Replacement while the tenants were still in their units

Comfort Inn & Suites – Danville, KY

  • 230 Squares

New Albany Housing Authority

  • Flat Roof Replacement
  • Concrete Stair Tower Repair
  • New Footer


Cumberland State Resort Park Terrace Roof

  • Current Roof System that had planter boxes with vegetation, benches on the terrace that visitors could walk out on was leaking in numerous places. We are currently Re-doing all of the planter boxes and benches with an aristocrat stone, waterproofing this roof system so there are no further leaks.

Louisville Metro Housing Authority

  • We are currently in progress of this job. This building is an 18,000 square foot building that we are putting a new roof coating system on. This system is sprayed onto the existing metal roof. We take all pre-cautions when putting this system on; when over-sprayed the coating can get on cars, window, etc. and does not come off.
  • This job had asbestos abatement that we have already completed and 24 gauge commercial gutters.

Park Duvalle Roof Replacement

  • Consisted of Removal and Replacement of over 5000 squares of shingles.
  • 2 units were steep, 3 stories 250+ squares each that housed Elderly Disabled tenants with traffic coming and going into the buildings throughout the entire project.

Fairington Apartments Roof Replacement – Clarksville, IN

  • 270 squares

Carriage House Apartments Annually Roof Replacements – New Albany, IN

  • 145 squares

Accomplish Contracting- Louisville KY

­   –     72 Squares Cedar Shake Roof Replacement Indianapolis Indiana 2015

Accomplish Contracting- Louisville KY

  • 55 Squares Cedar Shake Replacement Louisville KY 2012

Accomplish Contracting- Louisville KY

  • 88 Squares EPDM Remove and Replace 1536 Central Avenue Indianapolis Indiana